Surface waves

“While success in the treatment of a psychopathic character disorder is indeed rare, the presence of psychopathic complexes in our psyches is not. Inner figures of the robber-raper, the destructive siren, or an evil criminal mind are common in dreams and fantasies. If these images are encountered, experienced and well held, they can spur us all on to individuation.”

The Matrix and Meaning of Character, P206

Personal Growth

We have had the opportunity to present this material to specifically clinical audiences as well as those interested in their own personal growth. We’ve found that for those interested in self reflection, learning about character structure can be very meaningful. Learning to know, acknowledge, and accept our character structures can be enriching and even freeing. Looking at ourselves in this way can help us appreciate our deepest resources.

In conversations with participants after presentations, people have shared their experience with the material. Some could easily see themselves, for others it was more challenging. Often, people could recognize their spouse, their boss, their neighbor. One person shared with us that it helped him understand how his two sons were different, and how what they needed from him was different. Another person shared that it helped her feel empathy and understanding for a sibling that she found very difficult.

While the Introduction to The Matrix and Meaning Character is highly theoretical, the chapters on the different characters are filled with personal stories, fairy tales and myths that can be appreciated by anyone interested in self knowledge. We'd love to receive your feedback about your experience.